Higher Intervention Service

A new Service to East Sussex Vision Support, the Higher Intervention Service is aimed at assisting clients who have more complex needs or are looking to deal with a range of issues that may be affecting their life.

Free Service

The Higher Intervention Worker (HIW) will make initial telephone contact with you and then visit you at home to talk about the issues you have and how we can help. Your HIW will put together a plan and ensure that you are able to reach your goals. This service is completely free to clients.

The Service Will:

  • Provide one to one support from a member of the team who will work with you for as long as is necessary
  • Be flexible, enabling you in anyway you want or need it to
  • Look to see if a home visiting volunteer could help you and provide one if needed
  • Look at essential needs like housing, dealing with sight loss and grief, benefits, Aids and Equipment as well as refer onto other essential services
  • Work with you get back into work or to re-train, including accompanying you to help you gain confidence
  • Help you to access hobbies and interests by getting you involved in a local group that interests you
  • See if a specialist volunteer might be able to help you with specific issues

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Making a one-off or regular donation will help East Sussex Vision Support to continue our work with local, blind or partially sighted people that need our help.