Low Vision Service

Our long running, successful, Low Vision Service provides a detailed one-to-one package of care that will help you get back on your feet, sort out a range of problems or just provide care and support when you most need it.

The Service Will:

  • Explain your eye condition
  • Provide you with information about the clinical services you may need
  • Refer you onto other available services
  • Assist you to attend the eye clinic
  • Direct you to the right benefits
  • Assist you in getting modern technology to work for you
  • Help you with appeals
  • Support you and your loved ones to better understand your condition so you can live a healthy, inclusive life.

A Low Vision Support Worker will contact you by phone initially and then visit you at home. They will run through your condition and enable you to access all the help available, either internally from East Sussex Vision Support or from a huge range of external services. This service is completely free of charge and will normally be completed within six weeks of the initial visit.

The Low Vision Support Workers, along with the Brighton and Hove Co-ordinator, see over 400 people a year in their own homes and have contact with over 1000.

Sight Loss can be Devastating

The result of a diagnosis of sight loss can be devastating. This is a crucial time for East Sussex Vision Support to start helping, and by managing the certificates of visual impairment for the county, we are able to identify people at a very early stage. At present we manage over 300 certificates per year; assisting with referrals, explaining the impact of their diagnosis and helping them to come to terms with the changes.

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Our new office and Aids & Equipment Centre is located at: 13 Vicarage Field, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 1BD

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Making a one-off or regular donation will help East Sussex Vision Support to continue our work with local, blind or partially sighted people that need our help.