Our Origins

Promoting independence, providing support, preventing social isolation and maximising opportunities for people with sight loss in East Sussex, Brighton and Hove

East Sussex Vision Support (ESVS), formally The East Sussex Association of Blind and Partially Sighted People  was established in 1921 when social inclusion was at the top of its agenda.  This is still the case today and we remain dedicated to providing vital services to blind and partially sighted people who live within East Sussex, Brighton and Hove.   Whilst aiming to increase the independence, confidence and well-being of blind and partially sighted people, we also work to promote the understanding of sight loss in local communities.

Queens Award for Voluntary Service

In 2019 we were very proud to be awarded the Queens Award for Voluntary Service. This prestigious award recognises the work and dedication of the 216 volunteers who carry out a variety of tasks for us.

We are Here to Help

Perhaps one of the worst times in a blind or partially sighted person’s life is when they are first diagnosed with sight impairment or when it changes or worsens. Such experiences normally take place at an eye clinic. We are there to help when someone has a new diagnosis or if a sight problem changes or worsens. The consultant can refer the patient directly to ESVS where we are able to provide advice, care, comfort, sign posting, support and ensure they have full advice and guidance at this very difficult time.


We offer low vision support workers, mobility and orientation training, aids and equipment, along with skills/strategy for daily living courses. In Brighton and Hove we also offer a home visiting service which sends out a volunteer who provides general support and advice. We are very proud to be able to offer specialist services in conjunction with East Sussex County Council as well as Brighton & Hove City Council.

ESVS People

Image shows Sir Peter Field, Patron of East Sussex Vision Support

Sir Peter J Field Lord Lieutenant FRICS JP – Patron

I am patron of ESVS and am happy to give them strong support.  I believe they provide a vital lifeline to those in our County that are blind or partially sighted and I am also aware that, in these difficult economic times, the work that they do caring and supporting for visually impaired individuals is needed more than ever.

Can I urge you please to help the Association in whatever way you can.  Their service to our County and Country has been recognised with a Queen’s Award proving their outstanding contribution to our community.

Picture shows Ian Fletcher-Price, East Sussex Vision Support Chairman

Ian Fletcher-Price – Chairman

I am proud to be the Chairman of East Sussex Vision Support.  I lead a team of trustees, professional staff and essential volunteers who are determined to enable blind and partially sighted people to lead better and more independent lives. As over fifty percent of our board are either registered blind or are partially sighted, they truly understand the challenges our members face.

Our aim is to provide services that meet the requirements and needs of our members. We work to enrich lives and to provide opportunities that would not be available without ESVS.

Every person with sight loss in East Sussex and Brighton & Hove should be given the opportunity to benefit from the services we offer. We offer our members the best options to meet the demands of the 21st century. We know that in the future expectations will be different, so we are venturing into IT support and diverse

Daniel Brookbank – Chief Executive

We currently have over 1700 members but we know that across the county there are more than 6000 people who could benefit from what we do. We work on an ethos of ‘how can we help you?’ we ask the question, you tell us the answer and we do everything we can to fulfill the request.

ESVS is a society that is based around its people. It is user led and has over 216 volunteers who continually give of their time and energy to make it what it is. The front-line staff are dedicated, hardworking and committed to giving the best service to our members.

In this difficult financial climate it is absolutely crucial for the appeal to raise adequate funds in order to avoid cutting frontline services. Many people benefit from what we do and rely on our help and care. This appeal is of the utmost importance to ESVS. It will ensure that the current services and programmes are maintained and enable us to develop new projects to help our members.

Over the last 100 years ESVS has provided a full support programme for blind and partially sighted people in East Sussex, Brighton and Hove. We have developed some very successful working models and each year the demand for help and support seems to be greater than the previous years. The Trustees have decided to launch a special appeal so that we can maintain and develop our present services across the county.

All our programmes need urgent funding and in this challenging financial climate we must raise the much needed finance to help us secure ourselves into the future. I hope that you will feel it a worthy cause to support.


Making a one-off or regular donation will help East Sussex Vision Support to continue our work with local, blind or partially sighted people that need our help.